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Sep 1, 2010 4:30am EDT
friday. fortunately, but at the atlantic beaches, down to chincoteague, could have tropical storm force winds and maybe heavy tropical downpours. as it does pass further to the east, we'll escape the main effects of the storm. beautiful summer morning underway. it's meteorology cal fall. upper 60 in arlington and fairfaxmontgomery. eastern shore, they are in the 60s and as i mentioned, the atlantic beaches could have very heavy surf and tropical storm force winds and heavy rain on friday as earl moves east of the atlantic seaboard. most of the effects of earl will be out to sea thankfully. there's the view from space on this wednesday morning starting off september with a clear sky, no travel problems weatherwise up and down the atlantic seaboard and we'll have highs into the low 90s. a code orange for unhealthy air quality. tomorrow near 90 and a few clouds coming in. cloudy to moatly cloudy as earl pushes by. ashley, how's the traffic? >> good morning, we are starting you off just as you love every morning, quietly, no big issues to report around the region. let's dive into the capito
Sep 2, 2010 4:30am EDT
we want to turn our attention to the atlantic ocean is which beginning to look like a bit of an assembly line with three named stores. hurricane earl, tropical storm fionna and gaston. the immediate threat is earl. president obama declared an emergency in north carolina and that authorizes homeland security and fema to coordinate all disaster relief efforts. the north carolina national guard is deploying some 80 troops to help. despite orders for 30,000 people to leave hatteras island on the outer banks, some enjoyed an evening on the beach ahead of the storm. >> tom kierein joins us now to see if the storms will affect our weather. >> it certainly is for our viewers that live on the bay and the eastern shore tomorrow. as we take a look at the satellite view, earl does continue to intensify. it is a powerful storm with winds of 140-mile-an-hour. we'll get the latest updated track in about 20 minutes and i'll show that you. here's the latest track, category 4 storm, winds moving north/northwest at 16. that would bring it right near cape hatteras by around midnight tonight. and by
Sep 16, 2010 4:30am EDT
in the 60s from the shenandoah valley to the atlantic beaches. now 69 at national airport. the mountains of western maryland, west virginia, many locations in the 50s there. it's in the low0s on the eastern shore away from the waters and around virginia's tide water region up near upper 60s. over the last 12 hours we've seen som increase in the cloud cover coming from a low essure system that's spreading some rain from michigan down through ohio, indiana, kentucky, southern illinois. that's heading to theeast. and it may arrive here this evening. before then, increasing clouds, highs, mid 80s. then there is that chance of a passing shower this evening. maybe some thunder, small chance of that. d then tomorrow we'll get increasing sunshine with highs in the low 80s. and looks like a nice weekend to follow. saturday and sunday both days with some sunshine. we should make it into the low 80s. morning lows, low 60s. let's check traffic for this thursday morning. >> tom, god morning, we get under way, the investigation continues for that horrible accident in district heights. we'll
Sep 1, 2010 5:30pm EDT
breathtaking waivers up and down the atlantic coastline can expect for the next few days. earl is expected to make his way to maryland. north carolina looks like his first stop. that's where t. j. is on hurricane earl's path a holiday weekend for many could go up in the wind. >> reporter: pristine beaches and the crash of breathtaking waves belies what millions up and down the atlantic coastline can expect for the next few days. hurricane earl a massive category 3 storm looms 700 miles south southeast of cape hatteras is on track to brush against the north carolina shoreline late tomorrow or early friday more than, it will then blow northward toward new england. >> it will be faithing end to a summer. >> reporter: for those hoping to close out the summer season basking in the sun earl is a game changer. evacuation orders have been issued for the most exposed outer banks. >> if you're on hatteras please leave. there is a mandatory evacuation for tourists. there is a voluntary evacuation for residents, please leave. >> reporter: it has been nearly two decades since a hurricane this
Sep 1, 2010 12:30am EDT
%-atlantic, down toward the bahamas islands and also on he outer banks of the carolinaa, hurricane watches issued. here is the storm. hurricane satellite here. weecan see, earl, cateeory 4 storm with winds at 132 miles per hour. gusting to 161 mileper hour. so very strong, bigger storm. and we are really watching the track of the storm. ú%ack is taking it up. making a right turn. this is a model data showing it make a right turn. we are helping for the right turn thursday evening. because it could potentially go west into the cone of incident or further east. but it will affect parts of the mid-atlantic as we head through the next couple of days here. so we have to watch it closely. in fact, looking attthe mmdel data. possible tracks, most of them are agreeing that thee will stay ouu over the atlantic. couple of them take it closer to the mid-atlantic. one of them takes it over the eastern shore. so we have to watch that closely to see if it occurs. nonetheless, wwtch it closely over the next couple of days. to see how the storm tracks.ú but it is a strong category 4 storm. dangerous sso
Sep 2, 2010 11:00am EDT
atlantic. we've got three named storms. we've got the major hurricane earl and then far to the south and east of that is a rather disorganized tropical storm, fiona. and that, though, is showing a little more organization as it moves off to the north, and that will likely stay way out to sea and not threaten the atlantic seaboard. farther to the east is gaston. it is a tropical storm and it's heading due west and will be maybe ten days away threatening anything along our atlantic seaboard. but now here is what's been happening with hurricane earl over the last 12 hours. it has shown it's continuing to hold its strength as a category 4 hurricane advancing to the north. already some of the clouds from hurricane earl have advanced all the way into our area. in fact, we can see them coming over washington and they're covering areas just to our east, as well. here's the latest track. winds have diminished a little bit, but it's still a powerful category 4 storm. the latest track still continues right near the outer banks around midnight tonight and just to the east of virginia beach, perhaps
Sep 2, 2010 10:00pm EDT
service and hurricane center have issued the hurriiane warnings over thee3 atlantic. we have the hurricane warnings and we have tropical storm warningg along the eastern portion of marylann. virginia and then delaware. as we will see probbbly tropical storm force winds ouu there of excess of 40 to 60 iles er hour at times. heavy amounts of rainfaal as well. 1-to 2-inches is possible. western edge of the chesapeake bay. we have the potenttal of the easterly flow of wind wrapping around the counter-clockwise spin of the storm.ú creating some coastal flooding conditions along the western edge of the chesapeake bay. %-looking at the atlantic saaellite image here. you can see earl aving n eye, weel defined here. category 2 store. with winds at 100 be 9 miles per hour. presssre at the center of the storm at 948,000,000 bars. and wind ggsts at 102 miles per hour. dangerous. tracking the storm. making the right turn, which we were eepecting. off the coast of the outer banks of the carolinas where they will get the brunt of it. friday morning north of us. rip currents could be a problem3
Sep 1, 2010 11:00am EDT
tourists from north carolina vacation islands and threatening damaging winds and waves up the atlantic seaboard over the labor day weekend. these are pictures from from the hurricane watch extended to the virginia coast. news 4 midday begins right now. >>> good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. it's wednesday, the 1st of september, 2010. hurricane earl is barreling toward the east coast. bob mcdonnell has declared an emergency today. right now the storm has set its aim on north carolina. some tourists along the outer banks have been evacuated. more evacuation orders are possible as earl approaches. earl has been downgraded it a category 3 storm, but it's still a potentially powerful hurricane. we begin our coverage with tom kierein who has been tracking the storm for days. >> it did weaken a little bit overnight and that's good news and also the track changed overnight. the forecast track from the tropical depreks center coming up here, right now as we take a look at this view over the last 12 hours, this is a live view from the beach. there are clouds developing ands surf is not t
Aug 31, 2010 11:15pm EDT
, good evening. it's still too early to tell what effect earl will have on the mid-atlantic. all eyes are on it and that includes meteorologist wyatt everhart who is here with the latest. >> looking at the 11:00 information. hurricane earl is as powerful as ever and the track more concerning as it hugs the east coast of the united states even tighter as we look into the days ahead. hurricane earl right now a powerful, large, category 4 storm. of course there's two things we look at, the power and the size. this is bigger than the state of florida and cuba put together. here's a perspective of the storm as it makes its way up the east coast. the latest track staying off-shore from florida, coming in to the edge of north carolina, and sliding up and then making a turn as it moves off the maryland coast line here very, very close. in fact, just too close for comfort. here's a look at the forecast in the coming days down at the beach if you're headed that way for labor day weekend. most of the weekend looks nice but up through friday things will be dicey as the surf gets huge down th
Sep 15, 2010 12:30am EDT
tracking two hurricanes in the atlantic. wwo could see the impact of aa3 categooy 2, and wwen it may hit >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> and welccme back. i am jeff barnd..3 >> and i am jennifer gilbert. we continue our vote 2010 ú%verage tonight. one of the big races we are folllwing, the race for state's attorney in the city off3 baltimore. here is a look at the numbers. paaricia jessamy gettingy, 49 percent of the vote. beenstein at 47 percent. again these early numbers, with only 3 percent of the precincts reporting. now patricia jessamy has been the state's attorney for 15 years now. %-south bbltimore, where patrica jessamy has been watching the numbers come in tonight. joy? >>well, jennifer, we're here at3 the rowing club in south where, as you can see, supporters are gathered, for -atricia jessamy to watch these results come in. she arrived hereeabout an hour ago. let me tell you this crowd went absolutely wild. stanniig up. chanting her name. cheering her on. we had a chance to speak with her shortly after that. here
Sep 2, 2010 5:30pm EDT
pass to ocean city, to maryland, but not actually make landfall in the mid-atlantic. it will make a partial landfall in north carolina. in fact, it's already beginning to do that now. let's give you a closer look with maryland's most powerful storm. it is creeping up in to hat a was, open a coke. the storm headed due north but beginning to make a slight turn to the northeast which is exactly what we need to see in order to keep this thing just offshore of ocean city and allow ocean city to only have to deal with tropical storm force winds. here is our weather net camera there capturing a time lapse. waves getting huge down there right now, and that's really no surprise, as a major hurricane approaches just about 400 miles, the center just about 400 miles from ocean city and 200 from cap hat a was. let's get some frowned troops as we meteorologist like to hear it. what is happening down there, justin burke, my fellow meteorologist. >> wyatt, i'm going to tell you wyatt, what is interesting is there is more excitement than anything el. literally talking to a lot of the people, you'll
Sep 3, 2010 4:00am PDT
, in a moment. >>> let's go live to emily schmidt, who is in atlantic beach, this morning. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning to you. we, for the last half hour or so, have been in the one of t one of the rain bands. it is raining here and the winds are blowing. but there's one more thing. there's a big sense of relief, that so far, right here, earl has not been as bad as once feared. this is hurricane earl as it began to move past atlantic beach, north carolina, overnight. gusting winds, rain, and rough ocean water. but not as bad as many expected. it's brushing the outer banks as a category 2 storm, after people here spent days preparing for what was a category 4. >> i think it's a serious hurricane. it could get real dangerous in a hurry. so, why take a chance? >> reporter: officials evacuated 100,000 tourists from the outer banks and closed the roads behind them. even though earl is no longer a major hurricane, it could still pose plenty of problems up the eastern seaboard. >> just to be able to be mindful of what could be happening is critical over the next 18 h
Sep 28, 2010 5:30pm EDT
because we are seeing some ccnditions setting up toothe atlantic over bermuda and back to the west of us over the plains and because of thatt it ús opening a channee for storms to travel along the mid atlantic. hh radar see not much going on relatively showers we saw this morning and pushed off to thh north. also to the east we look at few showwrs out there over the carolinas and ii looks like we continue to see that move along the frontal boundary that pushes through and drop ouu temperaaures. let's head to florida and what is happening there. this is northern fringe what is associated with portions of thattstoom. tropical depression no..16. we can see some of that moisture wrappiig in and running into the cold reformmas the center in the circulation of the storm which is south of cuba and move over parts of florida nd then start to form over parts of floridaaand then bbck over the atlantic then the track of the storm will be questionable based on strength of the storm as it continues to push north and how much trength it can gather as it mmves into the mid atlantic. show yyu the track
Sep 2, 2010 12:30am EDT
waterways, of the atlantic, we do have hose tropical storm forred winds out there. ú% tropical storm warnings ocean city, bethany beach and also ver toward rahobeth, ifú youuaae going out there i do not recommend getting into thee3 wwter, because of strong surge strong category 4 storm. 120-08388miles per hour intensifying over the last half hour. looking at gusts at 167 miles per hour. and in fact, looking at the track of the torm. as a categorr category 4 becomia of the carolinas and passing maryland. but still ttopical force winds, 40 to 0 mmles per hourrwinds. heavy rain. aad pooential surf that could be created by the storm. %-with the modelldata.le track. computer model runs. showing that most of them are in agreement that it stays over th3 atlantic. but it will be a close call, 200 iles to 300 miies off the coast. it could track still closer. so we have to waach this closely over the next couple of days. i will have a closer ook at how %-will affect your weekend heren coming up in few moments. >> thaak you, vytas, you can keep rack of the storm online. get the latest
Sep 2, 2010 12:00pm EDT
the atlantic, but this front is going to be the buffer that keeps earl making that turn to the north and northwest away from us and eventually to the north and northeast. so it's going to be moving up and away. that is the key. the front will move on through starting tomorrow morning and the longer it takes for this front to get here and get out into the atlantic, the closer earl is going to be. we're expecting the timing to be pretty good and the buffer keeps earl away. again, category four as of now with 130 plus-mile-an-hour sustained winds move together north, now. fiona, tropical storm, sustained winds well out into the atlantic. gaston we'll watch, taking a very southerly route this will be affecting some of the caribbean islands, again, tropical depression as of right now, but gaston will be strengthening to a category 1 hurricane. with all of that said, 94 today. partly sunny and hot. tonight 66 degrees and west of the western shores of the bay we're not going to see much impact from earl moving on through. partial sunshine tomorrow, 92. it's going to be a pretty nice day aft
Aug 31, 2010 10:15pm EDT
including the eastern shore of maryland. and the mid-atlantic..3 so we are going to watch this closely. because thattcould shift ast. or actually west. excuse me. and then that would include parts of the eastern shore. so we have to watch that very closelyy model data is showing.t the plaae that flies into the storm at different areas and diffeeent levels looking at the track of the torm. theee are different model tracks that are the potential. most of them are off the coast. over the atlantic. %-that take it closer, inland. even out towards oceen city, and salisbury. so there are a few models that bring in closer in to laad. closely to see exactly what track this storm takes.3 so hat's wwy that coneeof incidents includes this entire %-where the actual eee passes oú over. so we can continue to morn tore the storm. and affecc us as we go into thursday niiht. fridaa. and more etails about that coming up in a bit. >> all right, vytas, hank you.3 you can be in harge of your own personalized weather forecast. i-radar available at use the interactive tools to track
Sep 3, 2010 12:00pm EDT
caused a stir. coastal communities are not out of the woods just yet. we go live to atlantic beach, north carolina, but we want to begin with adam caskey in ocean city. bring us up-to-date. >> we are live in ocean city, and this tends to flood first. locals would now read a bit of a wash on the parking lot. -- locals would know. a bit of a wash up on the parking lot. this has been downgraded to category 1 at 11:00 a.m. maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. as expected, it is accelerating now. it is centered 152 miles to the southeast from right here in ocean city. later on this evening, 8:00 p.m., it should be 245 miles to the northeast of ocean city. this should continue to slowly weekend. high tide at 4: 8. we will see these which continue to push up on the beach. -- these waves continue to push up on the beach. really the maximum wind gusts are only about 30 miles per hour. we may see a few slightly higher costs, but we are not anticipating it to get much worse than this. we're anticipating the sunset. where we are really seeing improvement is in north carolina. let's go
Sep 2, 2010 8:25am PDT
rest of the country for the weekend? well, we are looking at wet weather along the mid-atlantic coast because of earl on saturday. we also look for mild conditions throughout much of the country. going to be hot through the south on into the gulf coast. sizzling conditions continue in the southwest. and a little bit cooler and milder in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday! see more wet weather making its way up the coast as earl makes its way into new england. look for the hot weather from the gulf coast on into the southeast, mid-atlantic states, the heat and sizzling conditions in the southwest, as well. >>> here's a beautiful view from the mountain looking over san francisco. mainly clear skies. already near 70 outside in san francisco. oakland, san jose, well on our way to temperatures getting close to the 90s by lunchtime. still no sign of a sea breeze just yet, but that will fire up later this afternoon. that means the peninsula and coast will see highs early in the day, late morning to early afternoon. then the inner bay will cool down while 90s to 100 degrees continues
Sep 3, 2010 1:00pm EDT
millions along the mid-atlantic. new jersey is in the path and that's where nbc's mike tiabbi live in long branch. i can see the big waves but -- >> reporter: but his name is earl, norah, and doing the curl to the northeast, it spared the northeast. old earl wasn't going to break the string. even in the earl ler projections and the most dire ones it didn't look like the wind span of the storm as huge as it was going to dump hurricane-force winds on the jersey shore and talking about tropical storm warnings for winds of 40 miles per hour or thereabouts. might not even get that at this point. we'll find out when the storm is directly in our position here in long branch but not only has there not been the danger associated with the hurricane of the strength that earl was just a short time ago, there's not the economic impact either and that's a big place for the jersey shore. talking to hotel people from here to cape may and said no vacancies but no cancelations either. the storm predictions didn't cause that much of a problem and weather forecast after today is for splendid weather along the
Sep 16, 2010 5:30am EDT
turning out in the atlantic, it's actually the tropical storm that made headlines yesterday. this is well to the south of cancun and cozumel. dealing with heavy rain, strong winds, power outages, mexican officials say that security forces took people from the coastal towns to shelter while others preferred to ride out the storm. did appear to have an eye on the radar that came out of belize to the south. it was a tropical storm, no indication it was a hurricane, it was trying to get there as it made its way on shore. sign of a strengthening storm that held together, now back over water. we'll show you in a moment. different story over the atlantic, really downgraded now, category 2 with 105 mile-per-hour winds. it's good news. we had two cat four storms yesterday for the first time in almost 100 years that we've had that type of activity and intensity in the atlantic. now down to 4 to 3. 125 mile-per-hour winds. we still focus on that. looks like it'll continue to down grade itself as it heads its way toward bermuda over the weekend. looks like a direct hit on the island. this'll be a big
Sep 30, 2010 4:00am EDT
move in from the south, out of the atlantic ocean. this is out ahead of what is left of tropical storm nicole. now, this has also produced what may be a tornado here in southern st. mary's county. this is an area of some perhaps very heavy rain and there may be some circulation now being reporte on radar, it does appear there is me circulation here just to the north of prince frederick. that is traveling to the north. it's moving icklyand moving into southern anne arundel county here perhaps in another ten minutes or so. this is the heaviest downpour right nowhat's in the region. and this does show some circulation just now coming in from northern and eastern st. mary's county into southern, now calvert and central calvert counties. this continuing to move off to the north, and will continue to track into anne arundel county in the next few minutes. so definitely stay away from windows. get to an interior room. if you don't have a basement, get into a closet if you sense that there is strong wind coming towards you. but this is going to be affecting, again, northern st. mary's co
Sep 13, 2010 4:30am PDT
explosion. >>> eyeing igor, a monster hurricane brews in the atlantic. >>> eyeing igor, a monster hurricane brews in the atlantic. >>> and going >>> picking up the pieces. residents return to the california community devastated by a natural gas explosion. >>> eyeing igor, a monster hurricane brews in the atlantic. >>> and going gaga, the pop star cleans house at the mtv video music awards. >> i never thought i'd be asking cher to be holding my meat purse. >> this is the cbs is morning news from monday, september 13th, 2010. back at it on a monday. good to see you this morning. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. federal investigators looking at the natural gas pipeline that ruptured and exploded last week near san francisco. take a look at this. the neighborhood before and after thursday's devastating blast that killed at least four. residents have been allowed to return home and the utility company told to examine all gas lines in the state. sandra hughes has more. >> reporter: for those who witnessed last week's explosion but still have a house left standing, it was a shockin
Sep 3, 2010 11:00pm EDT
>>> earl takes aim at the northeast coast as a tropical storm now, while the mid-atlantic is resting a bit easier tonight after seeing minimal damage. good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. jim vance has the night off tonight. maryland's governor said the state dodged a cannon ball when earl stayed out in the atlantic today. in virginia and north carolina, leaders are inviting visitors to enjoy a nice weekend, but things are much different to the north. michelle franzen reports. >> reporter: a weakening but still powerful earl churned north and well east of nantucket, but passed with heavy winds and rain. the vacation island received the brunt of the storm. heavy surf and hurricane-force wind gusts lashed the coast. many residents and vacationers out earlier in the day before earl stormed in took cover once the heavy rain bands moved in. in chatham the threat of earl wasn't enough to stop this couple from saying "i do." >> it will always be memorable, that's for sure. it's given us plenty of challenges, but nothing is stopping us. >> reporter: lasting memories of each o
Sep 3, 2010 12:30am EDT
atlantic city. and also rahobeth and bethany beaches. a lot of folks traveling to the beaches thii weekend beccuse of the holiday. maybe wait a day. a day and a half. let the rrp currents die down. it could be treacherous. western edge of the chesapeake bay. advisories. coastal flood dvisories. flood stages 1 to 1 to 2 feet ae normal. looking at the radar. the first waveeof the rain bands starting to come n put it in motioo.3 you can see some of those in the eastern portions of irginia and maryland. %-hour winds.eye of the storm. categorr 2 storm. looking at that eye still well organized here as it wraps in the heavyyrain and gusty winds over the outer banks of the looks like the best part of3 thii, is that it is generally the weaker ssde of the storm. stronger side of the storm is northeast quadrant over the i will have earlock closer look at how it affects and us the track of the storm coming p in a few moments. >> thank you so much. you can track hurricane earl using the tools and the sky watch weather ceeter. follow the storms by going to and click on weather.
Sep 3, 2010 3:05am EDT
located off the coast of cape hatteras, north carolina. t.j. winick is joining us from atlantic beach this morning. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: rob and mike, good morning to you both. even with a category 2 hurricane you're still talking about winds up to 110 miles per hour and we're certainly getting some of the outer bands of that right now. the real concern right here in north carolina at this point is storm surge. what with these waves behind me and the flooding that can cause. despite mandatory evacuations in three coastal counties down here, officials can't force people out of their homes. so many have chosen to ride this one out. a state of emergency has been declared at this point in four states -- north carolina, virginia, maryland, and massachusetts. and certainly that should help getting those necessary resources to where they need to go as soon as the storm blows out to sea. now right now the storm is on a path to cape cod, massachusetts, with its 500,000 summer residents. even though a hurricane hitting the northeast is a once in a generation event, emergency of
Sep 6, 2010 11:00pm EDT
traffic here is flowing tonight. come tomorrow morning aaa mid-atlantic say major arteries like this one and others around this washington region will be packed. if you're going to work or taking the kids to school tomorrow morning leave the house early, put more songs on your ipod do whatever you can because chances are your commute will not be fun. as the sun septembers on the mall on labor day festivities it marks the unofficial end to summer fun. >> it was definitely too short. it flew by in the matter of a week. >> reporter: tuesday morning government employees head back to work and kids will be heading back to school. >> a little crazy, you know. just the traffic seems like it's been really bad this year. this summer. been crazy summer. >> reporter: aaa mid-atlantic say there are 3 million workers in the washington metro area and half of them drive to work every day by themselves. if you do have to get on the road on tuesday there are some areas to avoid. >> most of the potomac river crossings. construction is going on. i-95 south. 300,000 cars. greenbelt, which is the most con
Sep 23, 2010 4:30am EDT
eastern shore, away from the water temperatures are generally in the 60s. at the atlantic behes and around virginia's tidewater it's near 70 degrees. it's a balmy start to this thursday morning. this first full day of astronomical autumn. that's the point wher the earth and it's orbit around the sun has now reached the crossing point where the earth's shadow is directly north and south across the planet, as we approach dawn, and that earth's shadow right now is over the central atlantic. and i will be approaching us, and we'll have thesunrise coming up this morning later and later. it's around 7:00 in the morning. over the last 12 thundershowers we've had the overnight showers dissipate and we've got a weak area of high pressure now in place from new england all the way down to georgia and that southerly andsouthwesterly flow around that high is going to be warming things up today. we should be making it into the low 90s. the record is 98. and tn tomorrow we may be near or breaking the record. record is 94. we may be right near that by midafternoon. then finally, things get more rea
Sep 26, 2010 7:00pm EDT
is the cnn cover story. >> it looks like an atlantic salmon. >> you may have heard this week's news about the first genetically engineered animal that the government may approve for people to eat. an atlantic salmon that grows twice as fast as nature's own, but after the salmon waiting down the road meets enviropig. >> i need to wash up this row. >> to meet a pig. >> we took the journey to meet the next generation. will these new animals be safe to eat? will they be good or bad for our environment? >> it's almost like olive oil. >> and what do some of the world's great chefs at an exclusive pig roast make of it all? tonight and all week, cnn is taking a food journey. we have sent reporting teams to every corner of arica and beyond. our mission is to get fresh answers about how our food is grown. we have teamed up with a new online destination, we begin with an animal called enviropig. why such a name? we sent allan chernoff to find out. >> reporter: it's about an hour's drive where scientists created the first pig. it's a genetically enhanced pig. but what could be en
Sep 3, 2010 5:00pm EDT
staying through the labor day weekend. we're happy to be back. >> would churning -- the turning atlantic ocean became a tourist attraction. people stopped and stared at the dramatic scene. >> as a whole, we are very lucky this time. that notion is ferocious and you do not play with mother nature. >> the mandatory of action -- evacuation order has been lifted for a majority of the outer banks. places like cape hatteras are still under a mandatory evacuation. the only highway in and out of there is still flooded. for more on the situation in ocean city, we go there. >> the scene here at the big story has been the massive waves that have been crashing on the shore since daybreak. about an hour ago, the spot where we are standing was covered in water. the atlantic ocean, a very treacherous. so treacherous that no one is allowed in. as dawn broke over ocean city, a few wondered what hurricane earl would usher in the friday before labor day. hurricane earl unleashed strong wind gusts. >will there were no reports of property damage, the storm did create spectacular soaring waves. the atlantic s
Sep 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
tropical trouble brewing. th rare occurrence in the atlantic right now. >> a wom says she was sexually assaulted while out on a date with a man she met on a popular online dating website. >>> and sarah palin has a new message for the republican party. >>> right now, pope benedict xvi is making history with a visit to the united kingdom. the pope is meeting at this hour with queen elizabeth in scotland. this is the pope's first state visit to the united kingdom. its symbolically significant, of course, because of the historic divide between the protestant nation and the roman catholic church, dating way back to hry viii of course. the queen and the pope were actually together, we did have pictures moments ago of the queen and the pope together. they are actually meeting at this hour. later toda the pope will participate in a parade through edinburgh. >>> a possible break this morning in a string robberies that has put university of maryland students on edge. one man is in custody accused of at least one of those robberies, and poli are still searching for two others. news 4's tracee wil
Sep 3, 2010 4:30am EDT
poses a major threat from the mid-atlantic to new england. kristen dahlgren has the latest from kill devil hills, north carolina. >> reporter: through the dark of night, earl brought lashing winds and sent rain side ways rattling buildings along the outer banks as mountains of white surf piled up and those who took chances could only hope they made the right decision. the center of earl has so far stayed offshore, the glancing blow was enough to send many packing. roads filled with hundreds heading off the north carolina coast. as officials ordered mandatory evacuations for all visitors. >>thy asked us to leave, we have to cut our vacation short this year. >> reporter: to the north in income new england many were making the same decision, emergency vehicles heading on to vulnerable islands as last-minute preparations kicked into high gear. >> once it starts, you could sit here and watch and the boats are bouncing and breaking loose. you can't get at them. >> reporter: knowing that north carolina is the first stop. >> it's going to be a very close call for much of the east coast. >> r
Sep 2, 2010 4:00pm EDT
thousands. many who are making the safe move to higher ground along the atlantic coast. those cars are lined up on highway 12 which is the only way out of this area. that's why there was an early call for evacuations here. but now with earl making its way in, time is definitely running out. in kill devil hills, north carolina, back to you. >> thanks a lot. here's how this system will play out as it moves up the coast. not making landfall but brushing the coast with its hurricane force winds first for the outer banks of north carolina. that's tonight. the outer bank spots likeñr rodanthe and around nags head. up to 36 miles an hour. the wind for the coast, the outer banks, 60 to 75 miles per hour. the waves, 15 to 20 feet. rain, possible flooding, especially in the back by as and around albemarle and pemlico sound. then a half toÑi about an inch r the coastal areas of virginia, maryland and delaware where waves could easily to go 8 or perhaps 13 feet. winds at the coast, 30 to 50 miles per hour. that will be again, most of friday. but a bigger system for new england, spots like ca
Sep 3, 2010 7:00am EDT
waves. it's an incredible sight to see here. this track is good news for the mid-atlantic. it is not good news for the northeast. let's show you what the hurricane center is saying about this, as of this morning. so, we've got a smaller storm. we've got a category 2 storm. 105-mile-per-hour winds right now. as this storm continues to pull away, the big thing overnight was when does it make its turn? east-northeast turn is what we're looking for. we've got that now. it's pulling away from the outer banks. it's parallel to virginia beach right now. we will have much better conditions for the jersey shore. del marva, as well. the storm is far away from you. eastern long island, a little concern about that. cape cod, though, very concerned about this storm, earl. this is it. hurricane earl's winds and waves on the shores of north carolina. category 2 hurricane is now in the fast lane, racing up the east coast at 18 miles per hour. top wind gusts of 74 miles per hour. that's hurricane speed, as was reported in nags head, north carolina. and a 78-mile-per-hour wind gust in cape hattera
Sep 13, 2010 6:00pm EDT
igor. guay off indialantic is a tropical storm julia pureed -- way off in the atlantic is a tropical storm julia. it looks like igor will be very close to bermuda by saturday as a category 3 storm. it is a big storm, but for now at least out in the middle of nowhere in the atlantic. the heights tomorrow will be in the mid 80's and below will be 63. 86 in fredericksburg and 86 in frederick. if you take the next six or seven days an average it out, we're pretty much where we should be. a couple of days above average and a couple of days below. no major storms to talk about across the continental u.s. the little bit of rain that we had yesterday was to wash the pollen count out of the air. we may see a scattered showers on friday. tamara, breezy and in the-degree range. -- tomorrow, breezy and in the 80-degree range. by friday, a chance of a few showers and it will cool off again just in time for the weekend. 62 degrees in the mid cities and in the 50 cozied in the suburbs by morning. -- in the 50's in the suburbs by morning. by thursday, a for 70's. saturday and sunday and mon
Sep 4, 2010 10:00pm EDT
something in the atlantic. we have a storm out herr. it is what used to be gaston. it is well out in to the atlantic. very small, in fact, well off to our south and east. still 1 something to watch over the next severaa days as it gets closer and closer to the united states. the hurricane center is predicting tte storm will become a tropical cycle. we will want to keeppan eye on the would be at least a week out in >> remarkably the pilot survived with minor injuries. >>> i want to make sure medicines i prescribe with them don'ttcontradict with medicines they're on. % >> thh medical world prepares to go paperless. why the obama administration says it's good news for the patients. >>> next, find out if these [ male announcer ] the new subway $2.50 breakfast combo! best deal this side of sunrise, so come in and we'll make yours! get a western egg white muffin melt and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. just $2.50. build your better breakfast today at subway! >>> billions of your tax dollars are headed towards a program aimed at updating >>reporter: going to the doctor obam
Sep 20, 2010 6:00pm EDT
at 5:00. this small plane lands on an atlantic highway. a pilot made an emergency landing on interstate 85. that is northeast of downtown atlanta. no one was hurt their. it was not clear on what forced the pilots down onto the interstate. >>> we're learning more tonight about the man who shot the doctor at johns hopkins. he brought deep -- he bought the gun legally. he bought the gun a few years ago that has since gone out of business. >>> a local politician was hit while riding her bike. the driver never stopped to help. the suv had her early yesterday morning near campus late. she is the green party candidate for the united states senate. her mother has a message for the woman who critically injured her daughter. >> i wished that the driver would have stopped. i wish she would have stopped, held her, talk to her. most importantly, i wish that she would have not laughter on the road by herself. -- left her on the road by herself. >> she was training for a triathlon money cadillac escalade hit her. >> the driver that she hit a deer. >>> oprah winfrey says that michelle rhee i
FOX News
Sep 15, 2010 7:00pm EDT
recorded history, two category 4 storms igor and julia existing at the same time in the atlantic. here's a satellite picture of the whole thing. as you can see there is a third storm in the mix, too. tropical storm karl. rick reichmuth with the news live in the fox extreme weather center. where are these things going. >> they all keep going out to sea which is good news. a long time left in the season. we will see some more that get closer to the u.s. right now these are the two, shepard, out here. that one is not a big issue for us. but this is igor, a really impressive storm on the satellite imagery. the tracks of both julia and igor make this right-hand turn once again. bermuda taking a hit from this category 2 storm sunday into monday. that's the biggest threat from these two big storms. then we turn our attention to karl, which made landfall here in the yucatan peninsula earlier this morning, shepard. it's going to move back across this water which is really warm and strengthen up to hurricane status before making second landfall. that can be very devastating for the folks in mexico
Sep 5, 2010 12:05am EDT
95, set in 2008. temperatures across the mid atlantic are cooler. pittsburg at 67. ocean city 61. the core of the cold air across the great lakes in chicago and detroit. we will see cooler temperatures tomorrow night into monday morning, labor day morning. a big warmup by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, with earl well to the north and east. high pressure has set across the mid-atlantic. it is not going to affect our area for the next couple of days. quiet in the mountains. the same for the beaches. we are going to look for mainly clear skies and sunshine tomorrow. warmer temperatures on the way. tomorrow around 80 degrees. that will increase. by tuesday and wednesday, are you ready for daytime highs around 90? it may be clear for the overnight. upper 40 on the mountains. middle 50 closer to downtown d.c.. tomorrow morning in nice warmup. the temperatures go into the '70s. by afternoon, highs will approach 80 degrees, below average for once. it will not be as breezy as it was on saturday, but still a relatively breezy day considering the last several days. 90 degrees on tuesday. 91 o
Sep 1, 2010 5:30am EDT
get to the mid atlantic, we have more time, not much more time. we expect if earl stays on its current track, we could see very dangerous surf, beach erosion. w-lying roads could be impacted. >> earl is down to a category 3 storm. you cannot attract earl on the -- you can track hurricane earl on our website, >> it will then said she was raped inside her home. jennifer franciotti joins us for more on the investigation because police are asking for the public's help. they are hoping somebody saw something that will lead to his arrest. >> it is terrifying. it's a nice neighborhood. i do not know what to think. >> this is the second situation i have heard of it in the neighborhood. there was a home invasion a couple of houses down. >> residents have a mixed reaction to word of a sexual assault in their neighborhood. the attack happened on monday morning. a man broke into a home in glen bernie and sexually assaulted an 83-year-old woman. >> it is a disturbing crime. we will do everything we can to bring this case to closure. >> police are looking for a white male in his
Sep 2, 2010 5:00am EDT
atlante, decidió volver a sudamérica y arregló para jugar con el peñarol uruguayo. >> pasamos con fútbol europa, rafael van der vaart será compañero de giovani dos santos en el tottenham un acuerdo de casi 10 millones de acuerdo. >> josé bautista, la sacó este martes ante tampa bay y llegó a 43 jonrones este año, el dominicano es el líder del departamento en todas las grandes ligas. >> por su parte se estrenó con los rojos de cincinnati y lo hizo con una recta a 102 millas por horas. el zurdo cubano lanzó una entrada sin permitir libertades. y en el campeonato mundial de baloncesto en turquía, estados unidos enfrentó a irán los estadounidenses no tuvieron apuros y los pasearon con amplía diferencia. estados unidos, está primero en el grupo d. y enfrentaría en octavos de final al cuarto del grupo a. >> oiga, recuerde visitarnos en univisióública para disfrutar de las últimas fotos y se mantenga conecto ado con nosotros las 24 horas al día. seguimos con más de "primer impacto" gracias. >> llegó el momento de ver el nuevo video musical del gigante de la música
Sep 1, 2010 4:00am EDT
you the latest. it's time to ahead admire the storm, if you live along the mid-atlantic into england. the storm about 48 hours from its closest location to the north carolina coast. the storm not quite as big as it was yesterday, but still extremely intense, and it will brush the bahamas, florida, you look safe, but you are this close to this powerful hurricane. but everything is telling us it will head more or less off the coast, not hitting florida directly. but largely rip current will be a problem in florida. the big picture, from here all the way up to the gulf of maine over the next three to four days. the latest forecast track from the hurricane center, takes major hurricane category 3 off the carolina coast thursday evening and off the new england coast as we go through friday night. by the time we get to saturday afternoon and evening, up in the canadian maritimes, 125-mile-per-hour winds off the outer banks, the close test will be to long island, cape cod, late friday evening, after dinner, probably heading towards midnight and the storm will rapidly accelerate and weaken a
Sep 15, 2010 5:30am EDT
across the atlantic. incredible views of igor and julia from the international space station. it is interesting when you see the pictures from space, a different vantage point. >> it looks like a syntha bon. maybe i'm hungry. >> good morning. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. a syntha bon? >> with a lot of frosting. >> here is justin berk. >> we are quiet. we take a look there. there is not much to talk about. that is good news because as we go into the next day or so, continued beautiful weather. i say it is good news but we still need moisture. look at that. those high clouds still giving us a mostly sunny sky and temperatures reaching around 80 but in the shade it did feel a little chilly yesterday. we're down to 56 degrees this morning. it is 50 there. one of the warm spots by the bay in chester. our guaranteed high after a chilly start, we get more sun and a high of 78 degrees. >> we're getting reports of an accident in brooklyn park. that will be at ritchie highway and 9th avenue. no closures at this time, but expect to see emergency crews on the
Sep 1, 2010 5:30pm EDT
atlantic. we have to follow this very the next few days. backkto you guys. >>>ttank you, vytas. >>> businesses often rely on the labor ddy weekend for their last big bbost in sales. business that's depend n thethe &-earl's phros.tching hurricane they hope the crowds aren't scared away by the forecast. of people, a lot of busiiess, ú&owds. a little worried abouu the raan alrrady booked tteir vacations, -opefully they will conniiue too come down.3 >> many hotels are usually sold out on sunny abeled weekends. with the storr bearing down ú&siness owners orry customers may cancel their reservation. >>> are you changing your plans because of hurricane earl?ú go to ann let ussknow. you an also sound off on -acebook, send us a tweettor your esponse may airrtonight on fox 455news at 10. >>> one perssn s hospitalizzd after aabuilding collapses about 11 a.m. today. briiks cooeree the sidewalk in what was left oo the roof laid -t an angle on eaat baltimore ú&reet. the buiiding was vacant. firefighttrs are noo sure how the perssn was hurt or how severe the injuries arr.
Sep 20, 2010 5:30pm PDT
that would be introduced to the food supply so it's a big deal. >> reporter: atlantic salmon grows in fits and starts, but scientists found that adding genetic material from a pacific salmon and an eel-like fish, helps them grow 'round the clock. >> the fish is indistinguishable from the traditional fish. >> reporter: how can you say it's indistinguishable, though, when it clearly has a different genetic makeup than an atlantic salmon? >> it tastes the same. it looks the same, and the biology is exactly the same. >> reporter: fda scientists today agreed -- >> aquadvantage salmon is atlantic salmon, and food from aquadvantage salmon is as safe as food from other atlantic salmon. >> reporter: still, critics claim more studies are needed on how the fish might affect humans and the environment. for instance, what happens if these altered fish somehow make it out into the wild? would they breed with native salmon? would they crowd out the wild fish? the company insists there are safeguards. >> they are all sterile. and they're raised in physically confined facilities. >> reporter: but oppo
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm EDT
earl continues to churn and chug along the mid-atlantic many are changing their vacation plans. the store was enough to force ray question avoid oh and his family to change their vacation on the outer banks. >> supposed to stay through sunday of this week, we expected them to have a mandatory evacuation, so we left yesterday to avoid all the traffic. and this morning we've got up and found out they had a mandatory evacuation for all of dare county down there. >> reporter: so your beth paid off to get out of there? >> absolutely. absolutely, yeah. >> reporter: but for every one person who shortened their vacation there is another who is just trying to push rights on through. we're going to talk to more folks, either on their way or back from the shore, coming up tonight on abc 2 news at 6:00. for now we're alive on ken island, brian cook here, abc 2 news. >> abc 2 news christian shaffer is live there tonight, how are things looking at the beach? looks like everything is normal, people having a good time. >> not as many of them kelly. really a nice weekend except for this little hurri
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